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Roses Are Ribbon & Violets Are Too

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This is a site dedicated to all forms of dimensional embroidery, especially Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE), shadow work, stump work, and Brazilian embroidery.  SRE is a specific type of embroidery (like crewel, needlepoint or hardanger) that is worked using silk ribbon instead of thread.   It is very hard to draw distinct lines of demarcation from form to form, especially since many pieces incorporate more than one style.  For that reason, I will try to cover other forms of embroidery as time and interest permits.   

SRE is three dimensional and composed primarily of ribbon stitches worked on fabric.    Click on the "SRE" button for more information.

Folded roses are common elements that are made separately and then attached to the SRE project.  This type of ribbon manipulation is an essential part of SRE, but for the purposes of this website, it will be discussed separately under the category "Ribbon Work".  

Instead of a traditional bibliography, I have included a list of my books and leaflets, including thumbnail photographs of the covers in most cases.  There is a wide variety of books on SRE, embroidery and related crafts.   Click on "Books" to view the bibliography.   (This file is fairly large due to the large number of thumbnail images.)   

There is also a fairly comprehensive list of related web sites to help bring customers, retailers, and manufacturers together.  There are also links to inspire you!  "Embroidery Resources" represents my personal  journey to find information and suppliers on the Internet.

And there is a section for free patterns, educational and instructional information from around the web.  Click on "Patterns and More" to start the journey from stitch to project end.

Of course, there are also some examples of my own designs and finished products.  Please be kind, if I had spent as much time actually embroidering as I spent studying, I would have more to show you!   Click on "Personal Projects" to view some of my work.

If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to send me email, see the bottom of the page for my address.

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